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A biblical exploration team, mission, and adventure all wrapped up into one!


It's like no other mission or expedition team in the world.


Experience the adventure with us!

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Church/College/School/Organization Presentations


The Ark Project/The Apostle Project/The Skull Beyond the Cross/Footprints of Jesus/Pathway to the Cross
with International Explorer & Best-Selling Author



"A Modern-Day Indiana Jones With A Bible in Hand"

These presentations are like no other event you have ever seen before. This is an adventure and mission lived out right in front of your church, organization, college, or theater.



World Renowned Explorer and Best-Selling Author, Dr. Jim Rankin has dedicated his life to researching an incredible ancient biblical land, and in-turn God has opened up amazing hidden secrets to share with the world.


"Jim's a Spirit-filled dynamic speaker that has lived these adventures, and the truth can be felt rumbling out of him!
AIT Will Return next year!"

Allow us to bring the Adventures to you. Those watching and listening will see the Bible come to life more than they ever have before.



"This made our church see just how true the Bible really is...it's changed me."

* See how the Bible and historical accounts draw a clear picture of the past and future through 1 of 7 presentations including the Ark Project, the Apostle Project, the Skull Beyond the Cross, Footprints of Jesus Crushed in Stone, Pathway to the Cross, The Light on Freedom Hill, and more!
* Discover even more about AIT's unbelievable newly unveiled research and discoveries!
* See an accurate replica of the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, or a 1000 year old church relic!
* An incredible roll-in museum of ancient artifacts
* Witness how AIT is sharing God's Word like none other!
* Complete Action-Packed Power-Point Presentation!
* It's an event that is so impactful, Jim is invited back year after year!

"The average that someone remembers a pastor's message is gone by Tuesday...but with Jim's presentations, not only do they see the Bible become more true than ever, but they're still talking about it the rest of the year!" (Pastor Gary McSpadden)


"Jim's discoveries have proven the Bible like I've never seen before."

Call us today and... Let the Adventure Begin, but hurry, dates are very limited! Guaranteed: You've never seen anything like this before!

These Presentations have been leaving those whom have seen them in awe and wanting to know more!

The Presentation takes viewers through a life changing adventure right before their eyes, bringing to life historical locations and discoveries of Jim Rankin that are simply described as "breath-taking". With Jim on the stage, he shares the story with unbelievable visual effects and artifacts. An incredible event that brings the Bible to life like none-other!


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