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"I appreciate your (Jim's) compassion and dedication to your faith...the entire adventure is exciting and enriching."

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

"Fascinating information.  It makes one realize the closeness to the times that are coming."        

John Rhys-Davies, Legendary Actor


"This is just amazing information, and it all fits in-line with the Bible. The revelations to Jim to be able to get to this point have been undeniable, and it floors me to the accuracy of confirming to what the Bible says, and beyond." 

Gary McSpadden, Pastor - Legendary Christian Singer


"This was incredible...I was amazed! I learned a great deal and it was so inspiring."

Jimmy Mellado, President of Compassion International


"This is just awesome stuff. Wow...I never would have believed it."

Gary Levox, Member of the Award-Winning Group Rascal Flatts

"This man knows what he speaks of.  His knowledge of his discoveries is truth, and I hope to see him soon in the Holy Land of Israel." 

Omer Eshel, CEO of The Bible Comes to Life, former Consul for Israeli Department of Tourism


"This is incredible work...the discoveries are just amazing with God's favor on you that He has given; but the work you're doing for the Lord through this just leaves me speechless and that's not easy to do."

Bobby Schuller, Pastor and Host of the Hour of Power - Host of TBN's Praise the Lord Show

"I love this history and what it all represents. Especially the Ethiopian Jews and what they mean to the times still to come."

Raleigh Washington, President of Promise Keepers


"Just incredible.  You can tell this was God led.  And it couldn't come from a better person than with Jim."  

Bill Baize, The Stamps Quartet - Pastor - Former Back-up singer for Elvis

"We don't know how you're able to do this, we can't even share in those areas...we need you to help us get the Jesus Film in those areas. This is just amazing!"

Damtew Teklemariam, Jesus Film Project Africa Representative


"A modern-day Indiana Jones with a Bible in hand... truly amazing and he continues to be blessed with more and more mysteries being revealed to him."

Mother Love, Host of LA Talk Radio - Actress

"This is just amazing to me. It proves the Bible and really encourages us to fulfill our duties laid out in the Scriptures."

Dan Fisher, Oklahoma Congressman - Leader of the Black Robe Regiment - Pastor


"Oh my, this is amazing.  I will have to say; the world needs to know this.  I can't wait to hear what is revealed next.  This guy is welcomed back on my show anytime.  Wow!"  

Kevin Shorey, Host of the Kevin Shorey TV Show 

"Fabulous...this is just fabulous. Thank you, Jim, for coming to TBN, and for what you are doing for these wonderful people in Ethiopia!"

Jan Crouch, the late Mrs. Crouch was Co-founder of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

"I really just don't know what to say...this is the most compelling, heart stopping, and let me add fascinating research I've ever seen. It just makes me want to cry."

Dr. Gwen Ford - Host of CTN-TV Knoxville's 'I Believe Show'

"Wow, wow!  Just amazing.  The story and the truth.  It just makes you speechless." 

Jenn Gotzon, Actress 


"Fascinating!  This is just the most fascinating story and information...and God chose the right guy to do this."  

Terry Evanswood, Merlin Award Winning Magician of Faith 

"I am truly amazed! Jim Rankin and his finding have me speechless...Wow; just incredible!"

Yves McKenzie, Host of WATC TV's Atlanta Live Show

"Oh, my goodness, I don't even know where to start with this guy.  He's like a biblical Indiana Jones and a David Livingstone, all wrapped up into one.  This is just incredible information.  A must-learn for anyone."  

Charlie Engram, Top Branson Missouri Talk Show Host, KLFC Radio 


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