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Jesus Prevails Over the Enemy!

During a recent expedition into Ethiopia, AIT ministry teams 1 and 2 had entered an ancient village to share and minister the Word of God.  Unexpectedly, there were more than 80 Ethiopian monks and priests gathered in the village for some type of meeting, and all were adorned in their white robes, shrouds, and turbins.  They were not open to us sharing the Gospel by our team at first, but through our Ethiopian Team 2 they calmed them and AIT began to witness to them.  Our group broke into our ministry groups: the men stayed with Dr. Rankin around the great fig tree, while the women and children went off to another area.  As the Word was being shared, a black gowned hooded man entered the village.  First he began to to grab the John/Romans Scriptures from the children and women, along with the children's Jesus books and began ripping them apart. Some of the women began grabbing them up to save them from being destroyed.  So, the hooded figure turned and rushed into the grouping of monks and priests and started yelling at them to stop listening to us and this message of Jesus.   It was then that after prayer with a couple of pastors in the group, Dr. Rankin took a solar Bible and reached it out to the hooded man, telling him to take it.  He looked at Dr. Rankin in the eyes and then he looked at the Bible.  The black hooded man with a crooked staff then turned and ran out the village gates.  All 80 monks and priests, and all the women and children gave their lives to Christ, and the village was given the Word of God with the discipleship programs built into the solar Bibles to continue their learning.  It was unbelievable to see these men walk away with the solar Bibles up to their ears and down the paths to their homes. God is Amazing!


Success...365 On-the-Ground Launched!

2020 began with a huge new open door for AIT for the most anticipated work ever in Ethiopia.  Ten years worth of prayer was answered!  As the AIT teams spent months of planning and prayer, the AIT 365 On-the-Ground Ministry launched with huge success.  Now with 3 teams, Adventures In Truth will have a presence in Ethiopia 365 days a year working, opening villages, ministering, preaching, and discipling the Word of God to tens of thousands of people at all times.  It's so exciting to know that all of this work has paid off and the Solar Bibles are now being consistently used as a preaching tool as well as a discipleship opportunity.  The new Solar Bible units are now equipped with the entire Word of God and a 1 year full discipleship course for continued learning.  In just the first four days the Adventure Teams were able to lead over 250 Ethiopians to Christ, including a surprise group in a hostile village.  God took over and the work continues as we speak!   


The Living Water and The Clean Water

During AIT's 365 On-the-Ground launch this year, we've also been able to partner with a company in Florida to bring these wonderful people in the mountains of Ethiopia a healthier lifestyle.  The water they use to drink, make coffee, wash their clothes, wash themselves, wash their food, and many other needs for it is very dirty.  This year AIT has been able to deliver them dozens of water filtration gravity units to help them with 99.9% pure water to eliminate the parasites and give them more purified water.   These units can filter 550,000 gallons of water before the need to backwash and restart again.  Along with the water units we also bring in and assemble large buckets and holding drums for them to store the water in for all their needs. These water filtration systems help to not only deliver the Living Water through Jesus but also clean water to bring improvement for a healthier way of life.  


The Old Soldier and the Word of God

The new AIT Discipleship Team reached into the high mountain regions, farther than ever before, to locate a huge dwelling of people located in a high altitude eucalyptus forest in Ethiopia. After a time of tense discussions, a peace broke out over the team and the village people, and a wonderful union of friendship was made. The team will continue to work with this group helping them to understand God in a fuller relationship and the saving gospel of Jesus. So many doors have opened in 2019, and God continues to reach so many in unbelievable locations. God opens the door...it takes the dedicated to go to the uttermost to walk through it!


New DVD Release to Give Enhanced Look at the Apostle Project

As Adventures In Truth continues to reach far into Ethiopia with the Word of God, this brings along with it incredible biblical truths.  That continued in 2019 with the release of Dr. Rankin's latest book The Apostle Project.  That led to numerous requests for a follow-up DVD much like his other books had received.  Thus, that brings us to the brand new release of The Apostle Project DVD Docu-presentation.  This is an expanded one hour plus studio presentation with unreleased video from the sites and locations of Matthew's village, artifacts, natural wonders and more.  The discovery of Matthew's village and the five other characters from the Bible that he was working with will give you a real feel of just how the Scriptures all work together and why this apostle was the only one to record certain events.  The Apostle Project DVD is not part of the 5 DVD set, but is available by mail-order for just $15 from our website or at any of AIT's presentation events.  


Reaching the Hidden Jews A Top Priority

When you step back and look at the overall work of AIT far into the reaches of the mountains in Ethiopia, you begin to realize that much has been accomplished but yet much is still to come.  With that said, searching and locating many of the hidden tribes of the Jews far into the mountains is an on-going, tiring, but rewarding work for AIT.  As we continue to locate them, our first priority is to witness the Word of God to them and share Jesus has most definitely come before them and their salvation is waiting only through Him.  We've seen thousands of them come to Christ from the tribes of Dan and Benjamin in the last year, and with many beginning the process of returning to Israel, the time is now to get them the Good News of Jesus before they go.  This continues with the AIT 365 On-the-Ground work and will always be a priority in our efforts.  (Image 1:  Jewish women receives Christ and shares to the people.  Image 2:  Hidden Jewish cemetery) 

DVD Docu-presentations Open Audience To Visual Content

For many years those attending the Adventures In Truth presentations in churches and organizations across the country have wanted more. Now that more has been given through a five-part series of docu-presentations featuring Expedition Ark of the Covenant, Jesus In Ethiopia, The True Garden of Eden, Discovery of Adam's Tomb, and Finding Noah. This series features a presentationn style studio produced documentary with photos, full on-location video, and much more to easily give a true glimpse into some of the most incredible biblical finds ever discovered. To order a set of these AIT exclusive series DVD's, go to our AIT Store page.


Presentation of Archeology to Polk State College

It was a return by demand for Dr. Jim Rankin to the Polk State Archeology Club at Polk State College in Lakeland, Florida.  Dr. Rankin introduced a not-soon-to-be-forgotten presentation called The Light on Freedom Hill as he laid out his family heritage and the work on the Underground Railroad by his ancestors.  The presentation also featured over 100 artifacts from the Underground Railroad, Abolitioinist Rev. John Rankin, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Beecher Stowe and much more.  And with humbleness, Jim did the presentation from behind the pulpit of Rev. John Rankin from his ministry in Ripley, Ohio in early to mid 1800s.  The reception was tremendous and the follow-up comments were incredible.  Dr. Rankin looks forward to his return in the months to come.  


Animal Encounters?

Many ask us at Adventures In Truth, "Do you ever see any animals when you're ministering on your expeditions?" The answer is yes! Many different types of animals roam Ethiopia, but here's a few that we have encountered. Hippos are the fiercest because of their aggressive nature. More people are killed by hippo's in Africa than by any other animal. The largest crocodiles in the world are also located in Ethiopia. The Nile Crocodile can measure up 25 feet, and they can also be very aggressive. We see many baboons, monkeys of all sorts, leopards, antelope, ostriches, zebras, and some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Ethiopia is a hot spot for bird lovers where you'll find pelicans, parrots, horn-bills, cormorants, marabou storks, flamingos, herons, egrets, and some of the most beautiful eagles you will ever see. Plus, we see plenty of camels, lizards, oxen, donkeys, goats, sheep, and occasional horses. These are just a few of the many types of animals we encounter in the land of Ethiopia.


The Witness of the Word From Ancient Lands to New Ways

There is no way to describe the look on someone's face the first time they hear the Word of God! With Adventures In Truth's partnership with Aurora Ministries, the AIT team is able to share the Word in ways that would have never been possible in the past. Our Solar Bible project has enabled us to share the entire Bible, along with a study at the touch of a button in their native tongue in better ways than ever before.
Each Solar Bible can reach up to 100 to 200 people gathering together to listen. And with a large number of people in remote regions unable to read, the Solar Bible with the Word of God spoken to them through these devices is the their only access to the true Scriptures. Then, for those who can read, we leave a supply of standard book form Bibles or John/Romans Scriptures with them.
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