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Reaching Hidden Jewish Tribes With the Gospel

Adventures In Truth makes history by reaching tens of thousands of hidden tribes of the Jews in northern Ethiopia.   AIT has reached thousands with the Word of God, and we continue to disciple and reach out to these tribes on a regular monthly basis.  This opportunity has been overwhelming, but very rewarding, and has opened us to an incredible surprise.  After locating nearly 15,000 hidden Jews in the mountains, the AIT team was informed that there are well over 50,000 more scattered throughout the region in which our team is working.  This news brings smiles to faces of our team, but also the realization that we will need thousands of Solar Bibles, water filtration systems, and materials to be able to properly minister, disciple, and follow-up with this many tribes throughout the north of Ethiopia.  It's an exciting opportunity, and one that we are surely looking forward to as we continue to build and grow the Adventures team to be able to reach out and bring salvation and continued discipleship to these wonderful people whom are finally hearing the true Word of God after all these lost generations.  



Adventure awaits as you ride along on the journey of a lifetime as best-selling author and explorer Dr. Jim Rankin takes you from Israel, to Egypt, to Ethiopia, and back as you will witness, follow, see, and feel the power of the Messiah in this docu-story of the Footprints of Jesus: Crushed in Stone.  This adventure becomes real as you will witness the prophecy of the Old Testament come true as Jesus makes His way from out of Israel to fulfill the telling of the prophets, and then complete the hidden purpose of this journey as a boy.  Ride along on this exploration to reveal the true story of Jesus coming into Egypt, the events that occurred, the people involved, and the footprints He left behind.  Find out why Joseph’s role was so important in the fulfillment of this quest, and finally, see the remnants of Jesus’ divinity crushed into stone in an act of “completeness,” as to say “It is finished!”  This exploration will be a great adventure to bring you closer to feeling the truth in God’s Word than ever before, and see the finality in each step of Jesus’ walk on this Earth. 




The AIT team continues to reach into the villages and hidden Jewish tribes with the living water of Jesus through the solar Bibles, but also clean water through our new water filtration systems which pump over 500,000 gallons of 99.999% pure water before the filters need backwashed.  With parasites keeping the water unsafe for consumption, these systems can help them have clean water to be able to live a much healthier life.  The water they have been using is in horrible condition with people washing their clothes, taking baths, and animals drinking from these water holes.  Now, they can simply fill the barrels with water and then filter through our systems to bring them to better conditions overall for consumption.   The people are completely overwhelmed and see the hand of God in bringing them the water of life!


Evaluating Ministry in Mountain Villages

Over the last year our Ethiopian teams have been hard at work witnessing the Word of God, and bringing hope to a mountain village that our full team opened up in January of 2020.  In May of 2021 the U.S. team joined the Ethiopian AIT team to revisit the village and to see the progress over the past year and a half.  The change has been miraculous, and everyone was overwhelmed with the teaching and discipleship of the nationals team to this wonderful village.  Not only has our Ethiopian team been teaching the Word of God to them, but they have seen others step up and help after recieving Jesus into their lives.  One of the guards in the mountains who was Saved returned with his wife to bring down the old leaders of the villages hut, and rebuilt them a brand new large mud-walled home.  God has been opening doors for AIT and we are excited to seen the growth in this area in the future.  


400 Years of History...Slavery Revealed!

In 2020, after years of hearing reports about one specific village's involvement with slavery, Jim and Sherri Rankin sent their Ethiopian team into a Muslim community to search and seek the truth.  In 2021, while traveling through the countryside, Jim, Sherri and their Ethiopian and U.S. teams entered this village with a warm welcome, and received a history lesson from the old Muslim leader and historian of the town.  The ancient tree seen in the photo above is where the slaves were brought from their villages in the middle 1600's.  He revealed that it was the village leaders (or tribal chiefs) who would bring their people to this tree, usually bound in ropes (or sometimes irons), and would sell them to merchants who would then take them most often to the Red Sea for sale to the slave merchants to be loaded onto ships.  Even though we had heard rumors from other parts of Africa doing this same thing, it was shocking to hear this from the mouths of Africans.  It was the tribal leaders that were offering up thier own people for sale some 400 years ago, and this was one of the central sites for that horrible activity.  It was gratifying to be welcomed into such a place with the opportunity to witness the Word of God to these people, but very sad to hear a turn on the history we're taught, and the truth revealed!


Bringing Hope to Widows & Poor in Ethiopia

Adventures In Truth continues to reach-out to the widows and poor in Ethiopia, changing lives one person at a time.   In 2020 the AIT team launched this on-going project to reach to the widows and the poor in incredible ways:  One old man lived in a garbage pit, but now he's making ropes from plastic bags and our team supplied him with a small home to live in.  Another project was a begger woman who sat on the streets begging for money.  Today, the AIT team has helped her start a thriving new business of selling potatoes in the local market, and a place to live.  There is also an old widow woman that lived in poor conditions in an opened door covering.  Today she has a cleaned up area to live with a floor off the mud, a private toilet, and hope for the future.  These are just a few of the many ways AIT reaches out and reaches in for Jesus.  Praise God!  We will keep you up to date on other projects over the next few months.  

TEN Years of Expeditions and Research...FIVE Incredible Books of Truth!

Now is the time to take the adventures of a lifetime right through Bible history...see the true stories, the real locations, and learn the untold history of the Scriptures that has been hidden away for centuries.  Go to the Adventure store and begin your adventure today!


Skull Beyond the Cross Opens Biblical Origins


Step into your adventure with The Skull Beyond the Cross: Guardians of the Secrets Book II!  This excitinig journey takes you far into the Bible's past to bring even greater life to the Scriptures through real discoveries of the truth behind the meaning of the skull and crossbones.  You'll witness ancient biblical events, as documented by early manuscripts, as you travel with Dr. Jim Rankin on this amazing expedition to ancient locations high into a hidden mountain cave to locate the Well of Souls.  You'll venture into castles, protected islands, and into ancient historical manuscripts to uncover one of the most guarded biblical secrets concealing the truth, and lost over time.  This real life adventure takes you beyond the propoganda of today, then reveals to you what the early biblical translators knew as truth, and what many of the manuscripts in the Dead Sea Scrolls have disclosed.  Dr. Rankin writes, "God is revealing the mysteries He speaks of in His Word more than at any other time in history because of the unbelieving world around us."  The Skull Beyond the Cross will bring you closer to the true meaning of Jesus than ever before.  GET YOUR COPY NOW!


The Footprints of Jesus...10 years of Research Brought to Life With More to Come!

After ten years of intense research, 2021 brings the release of Dr. Jim Rankin's long-awaited book and presentation of the Footprints of Jesus.  Never did Jim think this adventure would take so many years, but all along the way he saw more and more evidence open up to the path followed by Jesus and His family as they made their way into Egypt and beyond.  Through all of this incredible research in the Bible, ancient manuscripts, and on-site findings, Jim has uncovered the footprints that only Jesus could have left behind.   The photos above give you some of the exciting locations and artifacts that were a part of this reasearch, and this is just the beginning.  Through all of these years of searching for one specific topic...many more have opened up to Jim and his team as they have traveled to these far-away and somewhat forbidden locations.  All of this has taken the research and the ministry to another level with some wonderful surprises coming in the months ahead.   


The Witness of the Word From Ancient Lands to New Ways

There is no way to describe the look on someone's face the first time they hear the Word of God! With Adventures In Truth's partnership with Aurora Ministries, the AIT team is able to share the Word in ways that would have never been possible in the past. Our Solar Bible project has enabled us to share the entire Bible, along with a study at the touch of a button in their native tongue in better ways than ever before.
Each Solar Bible can reach up to 100 to 200 people gathering together to listen. And with a large number of people in remote regions unable to read, the Solar Bible with the Word of God spoken to them through these devices is the their only access to the true Scriptures. Then, for those who can read, we leave a supply of standard book form Bibles or John/Romans Scriptures with them.
Put your fingerprint on these wonderful people by donating to purchase these Bibles...To Donate go to the donations page on our website or please contact our office today!


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