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This life-changing experience will take you to Africa and to the biblical lands of Ethiopia and Egypt for one of the most incredible adventures you could ever imagine. It's a Mission and an Adventure all wrapped up into one!

Join Dr. Jim & Sherri Rankin, and the AIT Team on this 10 Day Journey. Here's an idea of some of the possible locations in Ethiopia and work you will experience:

The Mission in Ethiopia:

Join the mission and reach out to the hidden and lost tribes of the Jews in Ethiopia.  Throughout this trek over mountains, and over unbelievable terrain you will see and work with the tribes of Dan and Benjamin, hidden in the far lands of the biblical Ethiopia. 

You will be a part of prophetic history as you witness to and share the love of Jesus with these very important people from Bible history. 

You may visit and minister in an orphanage, hidden mountain villages, and take the Word of God where it has never been heard before.  Deliver the Word of God in a very unique way...only with Adventures In Truth! 

Historical Sites and Biblical Sites, Ethiopia:

You will see, witness, and walk where biblical history was made....

Some of the locations you may visit in your travels with Adventures In Truth...

*The Place of the Ark of the Covenant and the Village of Matthew...there you'll:

• Visit the towering obelisk, see Sheba's palace, the tomb of Bazen (One of the Bible's Magi), and visit the tombs of the kings.

• See the compound of the church of the Ark of the Covenant & treasury with the Guardian of the Ark

• Visit the village where the Apostle Matthew preached and gave his life for the Lord!

• See the Castles of King Fasilides and the Debra Selassie Church of the Bees and learn the real meanings to why they were built in Gondar. And then in Lalibela see the incredible rock hewn churches and secret of Adam hidden within.

• Plus, Dr. Jim Rankin will share and show you the newest and most fascinating discoveries relating to the mysteries of the Bible that these areas hold.

Walk Where Jesus Walked Beyond Israel:

Where Jesus in Ethiopia all comes together...there you'll:

  • Visit the island of Tana Kirkos and visit the place where Jesus received the Isaiah 7 prophecy and where the Ark of the Covenant was held for hundreds of years. Plus see the actual footholds of the Ark and place of the Holy Meeting!

  • See Jim's digs with ancient bodies of priests still in place

  • Be baptized in the Blue Nile Falls (the beginning of the Nile River)

  • Witness the beauty of Lake Tana and see hippos

Footprints of Jesus, Egypt:

This is a once in a lifetime journey to follow the footprints of Jesus and His incredible impact in Egypt. 

*See the footprint He left crushed in stone.

*The field of idols as Isaiah 19:1 was fulfilled.

*Babylon Fortress

*The city of ON where OT Joseph received his wife

*The temple that once housed the Ark of the Covenant

*The great pyramids and Sphinx

*Walk and see where Jesus stayed, drank from, and fulfilled other incredible prophecy!

It's a life-changing experience.... so, let the adventures begin!

To be a part of the adventure or for more information,

please call: 865-365-9800 or Email: adventuresintruth@hotmail.com
(Locations are subject to change without notice)


Phone: 513-256-5437 or 865-365-9800